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Curry Village on Yelp

Curry Village
1386 9th Ave
(b/t Irving St & Judah St)
Inner Sunset
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 731-2388


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Le film de ce soir

The Taste of Others
Jean-Pierre Bacri, Anne Alvaro
DVD release: Feb 26, 2002
R, 1 hr. 52 min.

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LTMD #2 – Contemplating the Future

In this age of rapid technological development, I think we can all be forgiven for not being able to predict the future very well.  Back in 1994 nobody would have thought we would all be carrying around smartphones and have access to pretty much the entire catalog of human knowledge with the touch of a button; well at least nobody I knew.

As I think more about this project of writing to my descendants it becomes more and more exciting.  I can imagine my relatives decades from now simply loading my file and having a hologram of me read this very post.  The only limitation would be how much content I’m able to provide which is to say the amount of posts I can get down.  As I expect to live another 40 years I hope to have at least a couple thousand posts.

A good question my descendants may ask is how I came up with this idea.  The simple answer is that I like to catalog my own life.  I like to put my experiences, pictures, video etc down into computer files.  In other words I want to record my own life as much as possible.  With today’s smartphones the task has become easier but will probably seem pretty primitive in the future when one could easily record the entire day, everyday.

So why would I want to do this?  Well, I guess the answer to that is I have a very intense and deep understanding of how fast life goes, that I could die tomorrow, and that the experience of being alive is simply incredible and I want to leave a permanent record.

Here is a passage from the movie Intouchables that shares the same sort of idea I’m trying to express.

“- Dites-moi Driss, à votre avis, pourquoi les gens s’intéressent à l’art ?
- Ben j’sais pas, c’est un business.
- Non. C’est parce que c’est la seule trace de notre passage sur Terre.”

Je ne suis un artiste donc pour moi, mon seule trace de mon passage sur Terre c’est ce blog!  And why did I write the quote in French?  Well, my descendants, if you do not understand other languages then the most important advice I can offer you is to learn a few.  In the future technology should be able to translate languages rather effortlessly but the words only convey 50-60% of the actual meaning.  You’ll have to understand the mentality of the culture and the subtle nuances that are unique to every single language.  If you use translation services you just understand the words but the complete meaning will elude you.

In another post I’ll speak more in depth about my thoughts on a possible afterlife.  I don’t like to use the word “belief” because I find that particular word has become too contaminated by the overuse of those who do not think deeply, who use what follows after they use that word as the final answer that really cannot be challenged.  The true answer should be that none of us knows what is going on, where we are, what we are, what is happening, what will occur when we die.  We have simply created stories over the millennial which provide safety and comfort from one of the most terrifying things at all.  That is the absence of answers which explain our very existence.  The closest that we’ve come to any sort of explanation is Cogito ergo sum.  Other than that we are just evolved monkeys floating on a rock in space that shot out of know where millions of years ago.

Most of humanity wants to think of ourselves as special, as chosen.  The entire universe was created for our benefit and as if that didn’t go far enough, we are created in God’s own image, aka we look like God!

It is hard to get more boastful than that.

That is the only answer strong enough to guard against the infitite and terrifying void of having no answer at all.

Well, I do believe I’ve gotten off my original post topic again.  You’ll find I do that a lot in my posts.  I like to write but only as long as I can keep the thoughts flowing and writing them down.  I do not like going back and organizing paragraphs and thoughts into nice neat packages.

I think that will do for this post.


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LTMD #1 – Letters To My Descendants – First Post

They say that what is written on the internet will stay there forever.  I’m sure this isn’t exactly true since servers fry and yet unknown computer viruses could possibly wreak complete havoc.

But let’s just suppose that what is written on the internet does stay forever. As I was thinking about this I also happened to be in the course of reading books about why the world exists, time being an illusion and that the wise one has to admit we really cannot be sure about anything.

The important point of that last paragraph is that time is an illusion.  I of course cannot comprehend this very deeply but I’m willing to put my faith in it since the idea comes directly from Einstein.

Therefore, given that what is written on the internet stays there forever, AND time is an illusion, I should be able to write directly to my own descendants!  

It is unfortunate that they are unable to write back.  Well, actually they can write back but given the nature of time, reality as I perceive it, or whatever, I cannot read their responses.

In any case, I’m excited about the prospect of writing to my own descendants.  I enjoy writing but until now I really had no recipient that I really wanted to write to!  Writing to “the internet” is not exciting.  The internet is just a network, a faceless void and although I can see the post hits go upward it and the page stats tell me people appear to be reading, it seems the same to me as if I wrote the words on paper, folded them into a paper airplane and sent it flying into the Pacific ocean.  Writing to the internet brings me no joy.

Writing to friends and family seem to be something more worthwhile.  But you see, this website called Facebook started to become popular about 8 years ago and people suddenly lost the ability to write anything longer than two sentences to a paragraph at best.  In fact, I can only remember receiving two letters/e-mails/written communication in the past 8 years that consisted of more than two paragraphs.

Apparently, writing to each other isn’t something we do anymore in this year of 2014.  Hell, people don’t even pick up the phone and call each other anymore, it is all texting!  In fact we probably shouldn’t call it a phone since the primary function people use it for seem to be Facebook and texting.  There is another name which has started to catch on which is “mobile device.”  I imagine the word “phone” will fade from general usage over the coming decades.

Now that I have explained myself and my reasons for doing so, let’s get started!

HELLO MY DESCENDANTS!  This is your father, Grand-Father, Great Great Grand-Father etc.  At the time of this writing I am 36 years old and have one son given to me by my most excellent wife.

I should probably mention that I will not be getting too personal or using names since this is going on the internet for anyone to see.  But you, my descendants, should be able to figure out who I’m referring to in these letters.

I’ve kept a blog since 2001, which from your history books, will note that the Iraq war was going on.  I was living in Japan and really wanted to make my feelings known!  So I started my blog.  You’ll notice that this blog does not go back to 2001.  The reason is I was using a hosting service at the time and was not savvy enough to know how to transfer the posts when I switched to a different service.  Over time they became lost and I cannot find any trace of them.

This exact same fate is what will happen to many blogs and posts on the internet these days.  In fact, the only things that stay forever are those which find their ways to the big companies who retain data forever: Google, Yahoo, NSA etc.  Small little blogs as mine usually just disappear over time.

The reason these posts haven’t disappeared is because I own the hardware they are stored on.  I’ll keep them safe, sound and backed up for the next 40 years or so and then pass them off to the boys who I’ll also raise to be very good with technology.  By then everything should be pretty much automatic and effortless.  The NSA should also have a complete record of everything we do so perhaps this little project isn’t necessary.  You could just request the Electronic Profile of me from the NSA and there you go!  Just for the record, I’ve never looked at any dirty websites, the NSA is not be truthful on this point.

As you can see, I’ve got posts going back to 2004 but they are rather sparse.  I do hope I’ll be able to keep up my motivation with this LTMD project and hopefully by the end of my life you’ll have a libraries worth of reading from me should you be so inclined to want to read them.

I’ve always thought that it would be fascinating to be able to read a journal of my own grandfather, let alone writings from an ancestor 500 years ago.  Perhaps in 500 years you’ll be able to scan everything I write and along with my pictures compile them into a life sized hologram that could recite these words to you at your convenience!  If you do so please reduce my gut by 10% and give me a handlebar mustache.  I think that would be funny.

Well, as I like to keep every post pretty much on point, I think this should serve well as a first post without me going off on too many tangents.

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Cool Gray City of Love: 49 Views of San Francisco:Amazon:Kindle Store


The best book about San Francisco I’ve ever read. Highly Recommended for all you SF citizens. San Francisco is the most magical city I’ve ever lived in and this book makes that appreciation much, much deeper.

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Exploring the new Devil's Slide trail

Exploring the new Devil’s Slide trail.
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Friday March 4th

Another very long dry spell with no written post.  It seems that writing is something one must physically make themselves sit down and do.  It just does not come spontaneously.

Or perhaps it is because I’ve begun to self-sensor myself now that my entire social circle is now on the internet and thanks to Facebook have become much more active.  It is no longer a place where I can just throw out my thoughts to the wind, my family might actually read this!

Maybe I became adverse to writing since my server had about as much computing power as an Atari gaming system.

Well good news, I’m going to sit down and write, the odds of people I actually know actually visiting my blog is still slim and I figured out what caused my server to run slower than molasses.

So what to write about?

Let’s start with one of my more common themes which is my amazement regarding the lack of amazement among those that have become so accustomed to technology that they no longer are amazed.

It also amazes me how much people use the word amazing in Facebook posts.  It seems that which was previously very common and ordinary has become “amazing” when posting one’s feelings about the previously ordinary on the internet.  One could be forgiven for thinking that most Facebook users walk around all day in a daze as they are continually enraptured by everything that surrounds them.

My breakfast, burrito, friend Ami, bus ride home etc was Amazing!

My train of thought took a serious detour there.  It must be the amount of amazing tea I’m drinking and I’ve over-caffeinated myself.

What if I told you back in 1998 that one day there would be a communal forum where you could communicate instantaneously with everyone you ever knew?  What would you want to post, or say given this extraordinary ability?  Do you think you would:

1.)  Complain about something small?
2.) Praise Jesus?
3.) Say something political since the simple obvious fact will change the stupid opinions of all your friends on the other side of the isle?
4.) Show what the burrito you’re about to consume looks like?
5.) Post every single picture with your boyfriend?  Post a selfie every single day?
6.) Post something philosophical that you snatched from somewhere else?
7.)  Shame everyone into posting some cause or other because you’re sure that “95% of you won’t do this, but are pretty sure you know the 5% that will?”

I don’t know about you but I certainly know about me.  I am growing a bit weary of the same themes running through my Facebook news feed.  It was entertaining for a good long while but over time I think I’ve been preached to enough, had my mind go a bit numb from all the pseudo news articles “10 things / slideshow that every something or other should know,” or be invited for the millionth time to play some waste of time FB game.

I’d like to go back to the time when FB was fresh and exciting.  I’d like a do over of getting reacquainted with all the people I had lost touch with over the years.  Getting reacquainted with them by a poke just was not as sufficient as a nice hour long conversation we used to do in the “olden days.”

Of course it is not all gloom and doom now.  I do enjoy seeing pictures, getting personal updates and generally being able to easily keep track of everyone.

Now that I think about it, you only get out of certain things that which you’re willing to put into them.  Perhaps if I become more efficient at using Facebook or the Internet in general I shall get that much more out of it!

I shall give it a try.

And with that self-revelation I’m going to close this post.  My young son just appeared in front of my office sans pants and it looks like I’m needed to restore some order in the household.

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Beautiful day! 

Beautiful day! 
Beautiful day!
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Filoli today

Filoli today.
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