King Jack

Hear ye Hear ye!  King Jack demands the submission and fealty of all your jack-o-lanterns!

♪♫ Our man Jack is king of the pumpkin patch, everyone hail to the Pumpkin King now!!! ♫♪♪

Goodbye Sliding Door theme

It was time for a change.  My sliding door theme had served me very well when I wanted to use this blog primarily for pictures.  Now that my interest in writing has been rekindled, the white text on a black background isn’t going to work anymore. 

Also, with the Japanese influence in my life I also tend towards the minimalist as one that causes as few problems as possible.  What theme does better than that then the standard WordPress theme!  I ran out of patience waiting for twenty fifteen to come out so I went with the beautiful Twenty Twelve.  

Also, I need to figure out what I’m going to do with the pictures in the galleries displayed by those previous sliding doors.  The plugin I used was Nextgen and I have to say the following

I hate the Nextgen gallery plugin!!!!!

The gallery itself was very nice but the plugin slows down the entire site to a crawl.  Well, actually it broke the site for a while due to conflicts with other plugins and that took me a few months to figure out!!  Then they fixed that bug but it still makes the entire site slow.  I tried tinkering but in the end kept getting a “thrown exception” error.  Without the plugin the site runs so much faster so I’m over it.  I may just use the WordPress default gallery option which is a bit awkward to use if you continually want to add pictures, or I could just take the easy route and be done with galleries once and for all.  

So goodbye Sliding Door Theme, you’ll be missed but it’s time to move on. 

Sliding Door Theme - mcurtin

Little Apple – Chopstick Brothers – My favorite song of 2014

My FAVORITE song of 2014!!! TRULY EPIC!!! “Little Apple by the Chopstick Brothers. 本当に素敵この歌は。ビデオもおもしろい!!今年の一番 好きな歌になりました。 \(>.<)/

Little Apple

I planted a seed
And finally it bore fruit
Today is a great day
To pluck the stars and give them to you
To pull down the moon and give it to you
And let the sun rise for you every day

(I would) turn into a candle and burn myself up
Just to cast light on you
Give everything of myself to you
As long as it made you happy
You make my every tomorrow
Become more meaningful
Although life is brief, my love for you is forever
Never to part, never to let go

You are my little, dear little apple
However I love you, it’s never too much
Small red face warming my heart
Lighting my life’s fire fire fire fire fire
You are my little, dear little apple
Just like the sky’s most beautiful clouds
Spring has come again and blooming flowers cover the hillsides
Planting hope, one is sure to reap reward

I never find you irritating
I like everything about you
Every day with you is fresh
With you, the sunlight is brighter
With you, the nights are not dark
You are the white clouds; I am the blue sky

Spring, strolling with you among the blossoming flowers
Summer, evenings with you watching the stars blink
Autumn, at dusk wandering with you in the golden fields of wheat
Winter, among the swirling snowflakes I am warmer with you there

You are my little dear little apple
However I love you, it’s never too much
Small red face warming my heart
Lighting my life’s fire fire fire fire fire
You are my little dear little apple
Just like the sky’s most beautiful clouds
Spring has come again and blooming flowers cover the hillsides
Planting hope, one is sure to reap reward

The Rotary Desk Organizer – A passage from childhood

While working in my office this morning and utilizing many items from my swivel desk organizer a thought struck me which caused an interesting revelation. 

That revelation is that I no longer have any excitement while doing my work at my office desk!  My enthusiasm is completely gone!  

Let me explain.  

When I was either in 8th grade or a freshman in high school my Dad bought me my first desk.  Well, it was actually half a desk because it was on part of an angled desk that needed another desk the same size to be completed.  Therefore, my desk had a completely open space on the right side with no support so if one were to put pressure on the front right corner, the desk could tip.  

Luckily I found a solution which was to place my nightstand under the right side of the desk for support and stuff pieces of paper in between so the fit was snug.  

It didn’t mind about it only being half a desk, I was just ecstatic to have my own desk in my own room!  It was like a rite of passage, a place where I could do serious adult work!  I imagined myself sitting there happily processing paperwork, or completing assignments just like the adults do.  I was growing up!

Now, the very first thing I placed on this new symbol of adulthood was my swivel organizer.  I gave a lot of thought about where to place the paperclips, staples, tacks, and how the pens should be sorted from the pencils.  I wondered if the highlighter should have its own slot or not, but did not have to think about the tape, as its place was built into the thing.  It looked something like this. 

Desk Organizer

Once everything was in its place I gave it a few turns and was just so happy to have this gleaming tower of organization on my desk.  For me, to have a swivel organizer marked an ending to my childhood and a beginning to the purpose driven adult who sits solemnly at his desk while completing assigned tasks with implements from the organizer.  

This morning as I did my work, I paused for a moment and looked at my swivel organizer and I realized that the magic has completely evaporated.  The swivel desk organizer I have now is not special to me and I no longer give much thought to where the paperclips will go, or if the staples should remain in their box in the slot or if they would be better in the slot without the box so I can more quickly and easily reload the stapler.  In fact, it is kind of a mess and could use some organizing.  I’ve got an old Bluetooth in there I don’t use anymore along with its cord that greedily takes up an entire slot and thus is completely wasteful of swivel desk organizer space.  My staples are in a box in a slot and now that I think about it is ridiculous.  Why would I keep them in the box when the slot would do perfectly well at holding them until I need them.  

As the thought about the staples has me concerned I reach into that slot and am now horrified.  I’ve pulled out a twisty-tie, a ball bearing, one wood screw, one large clip and a type of hinge!  This is just unacceptable; I didn’t even know these things were in there!  There are places for all of these things none of which are my swivel desk organizer!  I’m going to put the twisty tie in the twisty tie bag in the kitchen along with all the other twisty-ties.  The screw and hinge can go with the tools in the garage.  The clip can go in the trash because I highly doubt I’ll ever use it and I have not accumulated enough clips to justify giving it its own slot in my organizer and have no where else to put it.  Some people would put it in a “junk drawer” but junk drawers are a gateway to disorganization which of course leads to sin and so we must keep on guard as temptations are everywhere.  

Oh how I wish I could have my very first swivel organizer back.  Perhaps if I did it would illuminate my office with the magic of childhood and I would feel a surge of happiness which would increase upon completing even more tasks as the day goes on!

Well, I have decided that I now need to organize my swivel desk organizer.  Giving it a close inspection I realize that I never even took of the sticker from the store which identifies it as “RE – Room Essentials, Rotary Organizer,” that clearly explain “Multiple compartments to store office supplies and tools, 6 5/8 H X 5 3/4 W x 5 3/4 in D (16.8cm x 14.6 cm x 14.6cm)  

I cannot believe I’ve become so apathetic regarding my work space that I never took off that sticker.  I am now going to attempt to take it off. …………….. 

I now am breathing a sigh of relief because for a moment there I was afraid it would be stuck with that awful glue things made in China use where trying to take off the sticker only rips the sticker and leaves an unsightly mess that usually involves nail polish to remove.  But the glue wasn’t that, I was able to remove the majority of the sticker with one pull leaving only a small amount that may come off as easily or will only take a few rubs from my thumb to take off.  

Unfortunately, taking the sticker off leaves me as apathetic about my swivel organizer as before.  It is just a tool, without any magic, that sits on my desk.  And it doesn’t even have a built in place for the tape.  

And on that note, I need to put these random objects I found in the staple slot in their place.  

I miss the excitement of childhood and I want it back!  

Life is a dream

The way of thinking in the time of Murasaki Shikibu – The Tale of Genji

We come from other lives on our way to other lives. This present life? A mere dream. Who we are in it, the roles we play, are not ours to shape but have been determined by circumstances in past lives going back eons. There’s not much we can do about it. So Buddhism teaches, or was held to teach. The perpetrator of evil no less than the injured party is a victim — of karma, fate.